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Too Human

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I had heard of this game a long time ago but never got around to playing it, because let’s face it there are near infinite games and I sadly have only finite money to spend on them. I picked this up from my local game retailer along with a couple of other one’s I’ll no doubt get around to reviewing.

What can I say, I thought the story was excellent although sadly it was clearly designed with a sequel in mind.

Using  the future to retell a mythos of the past was in my view highly successful, I found the characters to be unique and interesting and wished there was more interaction with them than there was as I felt the game was quite short.

Too Human is an action/adventure role playing game, incorporating various gameplay elements from both genres, along with aspects of dungeon crawler and third-person shooters.

I had great fun with control system on the XBOX as you could potentially move the right stick and chain combos, which were increadably fun.

I would point out that my first play through I played as beserker, which while amesome through out each level became very frustrating at every boss. Nearly all the bosses require you to hit from a distance then go in and finish them off up close. Well my at distance skills clearly were not greatly honed as the Valkyrie visited me frequently.

Which I guess brings me to the things I hated the Valkyrie cutscene could never be skipped and it goes on for like a minute. It’s really cool to watch the first few times but on boss fights you cannot help but wish to skip it.

All in all I rate this game highly ,  if your looking for something in the twenty dollar bin to play for a night or two you will get enjoyment and I think I will go back and play again now and then just for the fun I got out of it.


Written by councilscribe

May 12, 2011 at 6:29 am