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Darksiders – Fun Personified

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So one of the other games I picked up was Darksiders, this action adventure game plays with the dark theme.

You are war, one four the horseman of the apocolypse who has broken the covenent between heaven and hell.

I’ve played through about an hour or so, I like the dark theme and also the combat system this game also lends itself to combos and kill scenes via one button push. Although I always err on the side of caution I just love the finishing moves crushing the head of a victim, or perhaps beating him into oblivion really gives you a satisfactory outcome after beating on a dude for a long time.

Also I have already picked up the sound of Mark Hamill and Phil LaMarr(yes i linked him cause i think you didn’t know), and I must say the voice acting is great all around.

I want to talk about the visuals for a second, the comic book crossed with manga influences are clear throughout and I just love it. This adds to the gritty and violent world created it feels like walking through a well painted picture.

One final note before I get back to playing there is some puzzle and jumping puzzle elements to the game but they draw you into the story more than just exist to frustrate you.


Written by councilscribe

May 12, 2011 at 1:02 pm