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Rift – Wow Methadone or A Great Game

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Admittedly I have played a great deal of WOW, though these days I don’t even have an account. The reason I stopped playing was simple the end game bored me I like defeating games, so I guess something that plays forever is probably against my personal desire to play.

That said I decided to play dome RIFT, mainly because I like trying new games and it looked cool. So after suffering through 10 gigs of downloads to get the game up to date I adventured into this strange world. Let me start off by saying the two factions deviants and guardians are excellent and different it’s exactly like hearing two sides of a story, you don’t know if either are true.

After you pick this you pick a calling which is either Mage,Rogue,Warrior or Cleric. These are the very broad strokes of your character because inside each of these are souls, now these number 8 each calling and determine your skill trees. Which gives you ultimate flexibility with your character, add to this that for a small amount of in game money you can purchase another set of three to play with and obviously can respec at any time I fell in love with all the different ways you can play a calling and the souls within.

Now on to the gameplay, well obviously there are quests like go kill 10 goblins are run back to me. But here is the big winner the rifts and invasions, rifts are like raids you walk past and either open one or jump into one and they pour enemies out for everyone to either kill or get killed by. This results in some settlements being overrun if you don’t take them down, after walking into my first one I was hooked and loved fighting alongside others to try and get our spawn point back from these goddamn goblins and their fire weilding masters.

After a week or so of gameplay I can see why people are having a go at this especially ex wow junkies, this is what a MMORPG should be fun. And in my opinion Trion Worlds  have really hit the nail on the head with this one. Get the 7 day free trial have abit of fun and maybe I’ll see you on there.


Written by councilscribe

May 24, 2011 at 1:28 am

Posted in Games, RPG

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